Libyan government ‘sad’ about photographer deaths

via BBC News – Libyan government ‘sad’ about photographer deaths.

Sad? Sad? Is that all you can say, Libya?

As I’m sure you’ve heard, the world has lost two incredible photojournalists – Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros. Their work on the world’s warzones has been seen across the planet. They will be surely missed. I don’t want to offer an obituary, as so many wonderful tributes are already posted on the internet  I advise reading them. They risked, and finally gave, their lives to bring the people the stories we need to hear.

What I do want to post about is what spokeman for the Gaddafi regime, Moussa Ibrahim, said – “People die from our side, from their side, people get caught in the middle…. We are sorry for the loss of any human life, of course. We have said this before, we are sorry for the loss of the rebels’ lives, and we said we want people to stop fighting, so no one dies… we do not kill anyone that does not fight us. We need to check the circumstances in which [these] journalists died.

Is Libya genuinely insinuating that journalists were fighting them? That photographic reporters were legitimate targets?