As we hit my 50th post here, on the Spineless Liberal, it’s time to take a look back over the past few months…

I haven’t been heavily involved in publicising my blog. I’ve been more concerned with, in these last 50 posts, developing a decent back-catalogue of posts, one I can be proud of, and I’ve taken time to develop a voice and a field – I’ve found myself posting about the latest international crises, European politics, and the Liberal Democrats… while finding some spare time for Tory-baiting. Now, I feel a lot more confident in my blog, and in myself.

The basics

Total Views – 1,505
Comments – 29
Categories – 24
Tags – 976

Over one thousand five hundred views! For a blog with very little deliberate publicity, beyond posting to my personal facebook, I find that highly successful. How will it go when I properly publicise and REALLY get involved…

Comments are mostly my own but I think that that’s an advantage – conversation.
Categories are reasonable but some are badly under-represented. I need to do some more towards the Cybersecurity, the UN itself… and some others.

I overtag, I fear. Badly. I think I need to cut back on some of those…

Top 5 Read Stories

(Home page) – 598 views
Cameron Wants to Ban Gay TV Kisses – 228 views
Arab Spring: Saudi Arabia and Syria – 57 views
Who will be the first lefty to condemn the killing of Osama Bin Laden? – 45 views
A Good Fay For Progressives – 35 views
(About the Author) – 33 views
True Finns – False Threat, False Claims – 33 views

A clear winner there… my post on Cameron’s epic farce… was quick off the bat, one of the first in the blogosphere to cover the topic. I usually wait for the entirety of the facts to be revealed but in this case, a quick response proved useful. I had over 100 views within hours.

The rest are reasonably even, and several posts I thought would be in the top 5 weren’t far behind, a mere handful of posts. I’m reasonably pleased. A good spread across posting dates as well.

The home page is viewed heavily, understandably. Which is good. Wish a few more clicked on my About the Author, any ideas on how to make it more… enticing?

Views Month-by-month

March – 236 views
April – 314 views
May – 667 views
June – 99 views
July – 168 views
Aug – 21 … so far…

I would like to point out that I took a sabbatical from the 21st of May until the 9th of July, when I returned with a post on Southern Sudan… I thought it was a nice cyclical return to my early posts on PoliticalPromise. Despite no posts, I still got over 100 views. Nice.
May, a standout winner. Again, Cameron Gay TV Kiss. I’m very pleased with my first month, even! Excellent for a standing start.

Busiest Day

As previously mentioned, the Cameron Gay TV Kiss blog was particularly popular. It was posted on the 2nd of May, 2011 – a day I got 154 pageviews, 103 of them just from this blog.

Cameron Wants to Ban Gay TV Kisses – 103 views
Osama bin Laden dead: body buried at sea – Telegraph – 21 views
Osama Dead – 15 views
Home Page– 12 views
About the Author – 2 views
Scotland’s Scary System…and Wales, and Northern Ireland…. – 1 view
Total views of posts on your blog – 154 views

Top Search Terms

“cameron gay kiss” – 12 views
“spineless liberal” – 12 views
“arab spring saudi arabia” – 7 views
“morgan griffith-david” – 6 views
“newest country in the world” – 5 views.

I would like to point out that these seems low, there are also many permutations of each. Including, for example “world’s newest country”, “list of states that recognise south sudan”, “the newest country in the world”, “newest country” etc etc

My personal favourite – “are liberals spineless”. 1 view.

Blogs I Follow – The tagline is “our place to talk” and it’s very true. In a blogosphere dominated by Labour and the Tories (Guido Fawkes and Ian Dale, namely…), it can be hard to find blogs where you can relax, breathe a sigh of relief, and find opinions you agree with. Crucial reading for Liberal Democrats. But remember, don’t follow any blog blindly. – It’s important to read the other side. Always useful for counter-opinions. Their newslinks provide a wide-range of conservative viewpoints. – The journal of an NGO I belong to, the Young European Movement. As the name suggests, biased, but well written articles from a variety of contributors, aspiring journalists of a multitude of nations. Including myself. – A great magazine covering the entirety of Europe and any issue, from politics and the environment, to culture and art. – Latest news from the heart of Europe. Decent insights from Brussels. – Aggregation of the best EU blogs. – The European Commission in Britain’s blog. Mostly their letters to newspapers, correcting blatant lies and exaggerations about the EU. – Highly incisive writer on a multitude of topics. – Labour blog, incredibly useful. – My favourite left-wing blog, with some excellent articles, particularly on international politics. – Great blog for breaking news and scoops. – I don’t get involved in the betting, but the news itself is great. – Good discussion from the Spectator. – Jon Worth, one of my favourite bloggers and a real rarity. A left-wing Europhile and an excellent writer.

I WANT YOU… to help with my blog.
What would you like to see me write about? Any subjects I don’t cover? Don’t cover enough? Anything you want to hear my opinion on? Get in touch – the e-mail contacts, and twitter,

Interact with me – ratings, comments, counter-articles

The Future

In the future, I want to post even more in depth, particularly on European topics.

I want to use this blog in order to further develop my own views, particularly by debate; to build my journalistic credentials; to make new contacts; and to develop my own style and abilities.

I need to publicise this blog more, and start commenting on other peoples.

I want to make this… a success. Wish me luck.