Eton College Chapel

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Thank you @BritainVotes for brightening my evening.

“Result – #LibDems GAIN Eton & Castle, Windsor & Maidenhead from #Tories: LD 208, Con 182, Lab 32, UKIP 17. C>LD Swing (2011): 21.6%”

Yes, that’s right, the Liberal Democrats have WON an election! From the Tories!

Admittedly it was a LibDem ward until 2007, when it was lost to the Tories. Now, we see a large swing – the Tories down 24%, LibDems up 20%, UKIP getting the remainder and Labour not changing.

Why might this be? Could the LibDems finally be distinguishing themselves from the Tories in the coalition? I certainly hope so. It’s not a shift away from the right, unfortunately, as UKIP have gained, and Labour have not.  Could this be a reaction to Cameron and Boris Johnson’s behaviour over the recent riots, punishing them for their holidays, rewarding Clegg for being the first on the scene?

21.6% – A very low turnout, to be fair. Perhaps people are busy on holiday? Perhaps the election has been overshadowed in the media?

More elections – we’ll see how it goes.