The leader de facto of Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi.

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Even just in the short space since last night, Operation Mermaid Dawn is in full swing.

Operation Mermaid dawn is the name for the final…hopefully… assault on the Libyan capital of Tripoli by the rebel forces. This could very well be the end of the 6 month civil war in Libya.

The latest news from Sky News’ Alex Crawford, currently located in Mayah, Libya, is that the rebels have encountered “very little resistance” in seizing Jeddaim. While many villages have fallen to the rebels, they have apparently been beaten away from the western gate to Tripoli. They are gathering around Mayah.
NATO air forces have apparently continued suppressing Gaddafi’r airforce, but there is no call for actual ground involvement. As Alistair Burt, foreign officer minister, has said
“There has been no call for British troops from National Transitional Council forces and, indeed, they go out of their way to talk about how this liberation of their country must be Libyan, and everything about the work of the National Transitional Council and those who we now recognise as the legitimate authority in Libya, has been about Libyans doing things for themselves. The only participation of forces from outside has been to protect civilians and to take action against the regime where that has been threatening civilians.
Updates will follow.
In the meantime I highly recommend reading this interview with a half-Belfastian, half-Libyan teen who is acting as a sniper for the rebel troops. Provides some very interesting information on Gaddafi’s forces and tactics.