As the dying hours of 2011draw to a close, and I mix my last metaphor of the year, it’s time for Stat Pr0n. Enjoy.

Since my 50th post a few months ago, I’ve started to settle into my main fields – reportage, Liberal Demmery and European issues. I’ve publicised more, and the steep increase in views. I’m starting to really enjoy it, made some friends, acquaintances, contacts and collaborators, and starting to find my voice.

The basics

Total Posts – 89
Total Views – 5,213
Comments – 97
Categories – 38
Tags – 1,025

I’ve started advertising my posts on Twitter and using Buffer to pre-post at strategic times, I’ve been listed on LibDemBlogs and, and I’ve recieved a lot of traffic from Google – see below. This has all led to an enormous raise in views, from ~1000 at 50 posts, to over 5000 at 89 posts. It’s also meant that I’ve had a lot more Comments.

I’ve not included many more Tags, mostly because I had way too many to start with. I have included some more Categories, including several thematic ones.

Top 11 Read Stories

(Home page) – 1,420 views
South Korea’s reaction to Kim Jong-Il’s death – the LATEST – 382 views
South Korea reacts to Kim Jong-Il’s death – 321 views
British MPs to Vote on Referendum to Leave the European Union – 297 views
Cameron Wants to Ban Gay TV Kisses  – 276 views
So Ronery – Kim Jong-Il dies – 229 views
Mermaid Dawn – the morning after – 144 views
Stop the Gay Blood Ban – 141
(About the Author) – 114 views
The Normalisation of Germany – TNF – 95 views
Samoa and China – Why missing a day symbolises the shift from West to East – 85 views
Mermaid Dawn – 75 views
Arab Spring: Saudi Arabia and Syria – 66 views

The Top 5 are now dominated by my posts on South Korea and the death of Kim Jong-Il. Nights of Insomnia help blogging and when I found out about his death on twiter at 3am, I knew I had things to do.

My post on the EU referendum vote which was listen on and
retweeted by a few people on twitter went very well as well.

Cameron on Gay TV Kisses still riding high on the list. My posts on Mermaid Dawn are still in the top 11, and get a few hits occasionally. A rare search-term.

The home page is viewed heavily, understandably. Which is good. Wish a few more clicked on my About the Author, any ideas on how to make it more… enticing?

Views Month-by-month

March – 236 views
April – 314 views
May – 667 views
June – 99 views
July – 168 views
Aug – 726 views
Sep – 379 views
Oct – 748 views
Nov – 294 views
Dec –  1,582 views

A fantastic December, with more than double my other months. Thank you Jim Jong-Il. Some low and rough months, without very much posting, but when I do post, I get results. Strange that. General trend towards growth I think.

Busiest Day

Monday, December 19, 2011.

Kim Jong-Il’s death brought 659 pageviews to my blog in a single day. That’s what you get from Insomnia.

South Korea reacts to Kim Jong-Il’s death – 257 views
South Korea’s reaction to Kim Jong-Il’s death – The LATEST – 187 views
So Ronery – Kim Jong-Il dies – 163 views
Home page – 26 views
Kim Jong-Un – What  Contingencies will Japan prepare for – 17 views
Contact – 2 views
Mermaid Dawn – the morning after – 2 views
Stop the Gay Blood Ban – 2 views
Silence is a War Crime – Syria, Yemen and Bahrain – 1
Presence and Disclosures – 1
About the Author – 1

Referers were mostly Search Engines, with 469 (mostly Google). 33 from Twitter, 13 from my personal facebook, 8 from, 4 from, 3 from, 2 from Google Reader and 1 from

Top Search Terms

“spineless liberal” -83 views
“mermaid dawn” – 60 views
“operation mermaid dawn” – 55 views
“so ronery” – 51 views
“mart de kruif” – 23 views

It’s odd that So Ronery is the only South Korea search term but there are plenty of

My personal favourites – “are liberals spineless” – one view ; “sex gay tv” – nine views ; “if you repeal the human rights act, all the cases go back to strasbourg and i think it is a good idea that we remain adhering to the convention on human rights and the cases are heard here by british judge” – one view.

Top 5 Referers

Search Engines – 1,027
Facebook – 352
Twitter – 189 – 97 – 30


I WANT YOU… to help with my blog.

What would you like to see me write about? Any subjects I don’t cover? Don’t cover enough? Anything you want to hear my opinion on? Get in touch – the e-mail contacts, and twitter,

Interact with me – ratings, comments, counter-articles

The Future

I want to work heavily on collaboration this coming year, including several noted on my Resolutions blog. I want to learn SEO as well to get those all important Google hits.

The last 39 posts have seen my blog really take off, now it’s time to improve even further.