Hopefully, you’ll all have read my recent blog on Liquid Democracy, and how I feel it could be the future of Liberal Democrat Conferences.

Nick Barlow has linked to it on his blog and recently written a long commentary on my original post and the issue of conference generally. I heartily recommend giving it a look see.

Firstly, thank you for the linking and the comment Nick. It is very appreciate – apologies for not replying sooner, and not RTing, I’m a student who’s in the middle of exam season, so have been too busy recently. I’m very sorry, I should have done better.

I entirely agree with your post. The LibDems can be proud that we have the most open conference and policy making procedure, but there is still the issue of distance between members and HQ, FPC/FCC and the MPs, which is natural given that we only officially feedback every six months, and even that is only a select group of members who can afford and spare time to go to Conference. Many can’t, and I think moving at least certain functions online could help with this. We could immediately feed back our views on issues, form new policy to emerging situations, and generally engage with members better – for example, on Hunt, Syria or Spain’s banks. Can we wait until Brighton before the party hears our views?

As you say, our current structure was top-notch in the past, but with technology moving on, so must the party. I’d love to see this trialled on some level – perhaps Liberal Youth, or Green LibDems or something similar could try it on behalf of the party. But that’s for people higher up the food chain to agree on…

Again, thank you for the linking, I greatly appreciate it.

Unfortunately, I haven’t and won’t really be able to give much attention to this blog for a while, which I shall explain in my next post.