By them, of course, I mean the Maya. Screw you guys!

Well, that’s some levity to set the tone.

I wanted to write a quick blog about my 2012 year in blogging. A nice little bit of statporn, just to round of New Years.

The previous year, 2011, I achieved a grand total of 5,218 views on my blog’s 89 posts. Last year, I wrote distinctly less, only 36 new posts, but got 9,257 views. I’d like to think that this is due both to improved writing quality on Spineless Liberal, and a mix of both more friends and better distribution of my writing. Probably a lot of luck as well.

Lets break that 9,257 down a little. First, by post. In 2012, my top posts were…

  1. Home Page (2,178)
  2. Conservatives jumping to UKIP – are MPs next? (850)
  3. Welsh Values – What does it mean to be Welsh (527)
  4. Why the Liberal Democrats are like the Muslim Brotherhood (402)
  5. ECFR Scorecard – Britain’s role in EU Foreign Policy (331)
  6. Liquid Democracy: The Future of #LDConf? (309)
  7. Don’t Patronise Me – Or Spy on Me (258)
  8. BBC Question Time – 12/01/2012 (236)
  9. A Longer School Day – But Why? (235)
  10. Why Borgen proves Liberal left is wrong… (202)
  11. South Korea’s reaction to Kim Jong-Il’s death – The LATEST (183)
  12. We are all Alliance now (172)

I’m proud of each of these posts, largely. I spent time on them, took care to choose words carefully, worked out exactly what I was going to say… all after having had a flash of inspiration that gave me an excellent idea to mould.

I even got featured on Lib Dem Voice four times, which is an utter honour.

What about chronologically? Below, we can see my views by month since the beginning.

2012 Statporn

2012 Statporn

As we can see, my views soared during the first half of the year, and then… collapsed. With good reason. Spineless Liberal went on hiatus for several months, and I’ve never really got back into it.

My time has been taken up with, well, a masters degree and various other Liberal Democrat positions, but also with editing. Over the summer, I took up editorship of Liberal Youth’s official blog, the Libertine, which won the Best New Blog award at Lib Dem Voice’s Blog of the Year ceremony.

I didn’t complete any of the resolutions I’d planned at the start of last year. But I think I learned an even more valuable lesson; quality over quantity. I’d previously tried to churn out as many blogs as I could, often several a week. While that got me a fair few hits, and some interesting comments, I don’t think I personally benefited as much as when I took the time to sit down and write something in was truly proud of. I think that that counts for a lot.

So, this year I can’t promise regular posts. I have to graduate, be an editor, and countless other tasks, including reinvigorating my photography. But I hope you’ll enjoy what I have to write even more…