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Yes, it’s that time of the year again folks, and there’s another scandal about the nature of politics hitting the front pages. This time, it’s party funding, that old egg.

Conservative Party Co-Treasurer, Peter Cruddas, has quit after allegations that he was selling “premier league”  access to the party leader, David Cameron, for the princely sum of £250,000.

It’s not like we couldn’t expect this. Back in November 2011, the Committee on Standards in Public Life warned “action should be taken now to end the big donor culture before another scandal does further damage”. Warning well heeded Cameron…

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European Council on Foreign Relations

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Yesterday, the European Council on Foreign Relations, the first Pan-European think-tank, released details of its European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2012.  It offers an overview of how EU member states dealt with Foreign Policy issues in 2011, and tells us who the leaders and slackers were on each issue. As a Blogger/Journalist, I was offered an advance copy, but under embargo. But the embargo is now lifted, and I can release my analysis of the Scorecard.

Bearing a British passport, I’m interested in how the UK fares under scrutiny…

By the way, this post was featured on Liberal Democrat Voice’s Top of the Blogs: The Golden Dozen! My first, and thanks very much to Helen Duffett for including it, and Alisdair Calder McGregor for recommending me.
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Something very irritating is spewing from Cameron’s mouth right now… more so than normal for Britain’s dear Prime Minister.

Today, in the wake of his disastrous actions at the #EUC

The Moment The Deal Was Done

The Moment The Deal Was Done from the Independent - Hedegaard and Natarajan, watched by US Climate Envoy Todd Stern and Chinese Climate Minister, Xie Zhenhua.

O European Council Summit and the triumphant actions of EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard in breaking down India’s opposition to a new carbon emissions limiting treaty, during the international climate conference at Durban, Cameron has been defending one and lauding the other. But if only he’d learnt how to negotiate from Hedegaard, he, and Britain, would never have been in this mess in the first place…

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Badly, I fear. He has shown that Britain is a marginal power, one not to be listened to or trusted by our European neighbours.

Britain is now probably going to be locked out of discussions on Fiscal Union within the Eurozone… probably the only EU country to be so, as the 17+ ends up as the 27-1.

This is a disaster for Britain, as it is only be being within the debate can we even hope to influence events, that will affect us heavily.

But he had warning. Back in 1990, a previous Conservative Prime Minister made the same mistakes…

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On Monday 24th of October, we will see a vote in the House of Commons on whether the UK should hold a referendum on British membership of the European Union. While the vote is non-binding on the government, it has been a contentious topic over the last few days, with Prime Minister David Cameron threatening his party with a three-line whip (a method of controlling the vote which would mean any government ministers which want to deviate from the party’s position would have to resign their posts). Today, Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary has said that despite unhappiness amongst some Tory backbenchers and the threat of resignations, the “whip remains because the motion is contrary to government policy”.

So, what does this all mean?

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