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The End of “Root Causes”.

An article from a fellow contributor on PoliticalPromise. I repost here, along with my comment in the Responses section.


“It is not because the West are western that we are the cause of much evil – it is because we are in the greater position of power, and have forgotten our responsibility in this role. Admit it, terrorists usually directly blame the acts of the West. Even if you disagree that this is truly to blame, until we can defeat these arguments, we merely lend cause and proof to their rhetoric.

Breivik is a totally different case – you claim that he is not a victim of anything. I agree. But he would not. He would quite probably view the white western world as imminent victims of a Muslim invasion… This view itself is one that must be answered, and ignoring root causes will merely enable others to take a similar point.

It does not matter whether someone HAS a grievance – it merely matters that they FEEL that they have a grievance.”

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland has called on the Coalition to attach conditionality to its aid to Muslim countries.

via Government urged to link overseas aid to religious freedom – thetorydiary.

Surely, the main aim of aid is not to attach the conditionality of  ensuring religious freedom, but to help the most impoverished people of the planet.

I am not theologist, but I cannot imagine that Jesus would have attached such conditionality.

Yes, it is only right that we encourage religious freedom wherever it is not present, but we cannot threaten to withdraw, or not to offer aid, to nations such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, on the basis that Christians in those countries have not the freedom of religion you can find in Scotland.  The aim of aid, in the mould of Christian altruism, is to help the poorest and most vulnerable in society, no matter their religion, or the politics of their state.

I must also point out, why isn’t Cardinal O’Brien drawing attention generally to a lack of freedom of religion in some states, and is only interested in members of his own congregation?


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