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Conservative Party (UK)

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We all know that the Conservatives in the UK are Eurosceptic. But what does this mean for Europe? Will they reverse the process of “ever-closer union”?

In my second piece for The New Federalist, I explore the relationship between Prime Minister and head of the Conservative party, David Cameron, and his Eurosceptic backbenchers.

Yes, it takes a highly federalist viewpoint. Play to your audience and all that…

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European Council on Foreign Relations

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My first major article for The New Federalist, publication of the Young European Movement, has just been published, as a two-part article. It summarises a new project, Germany In Europe,  published by the European Council on Foreign Relations. It discusses the new attitude of Germany to the European Union, how it now acts like a ‘normal’ state as opposed to merely a motor. Read it here on the Spineless Liberal, in its undivided glory. Enjoy.

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