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2012: We beat them…

By them, of course, I mean the Maya. Screw you guys!

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Your worst fears have come to pass my friends – the Spineless Liberal is leaving you without his pearls of wisdom for a little while. It’s been fun, but we all knew this would happen. It’s not you, it’s me. I just can’t deal with something this serious right now. Maybe in a little while, we’ll go for coffee, talk it over.

I promise, it’ll only be for a few months.

I haven’t paid nearly enough attention to this blog the last six weeks or so due to exams, which are mercifully soon ending. I might actually have passed my third year, go me!

However, I’m about to start an internship in the capital, which proves to be an amazing experience, and very demanding of my time and energy.

As such, I’m calling it quits. There’s no point you waking up at 6am every morning, desperately I’ll have been unable to sleep and posted something informative and persuasive. I’ll let you down easy.

I’m hoping to be back to blogging after my internship, my moving into a new apartment, and our Freshers Fair here in Nottingham (which will be very busy for me, as I’m now President of Nottingham Liberal Youth and want to make a big impression at Freshers). Which means that I won’t be writing till around mid-October. A long time I know but… shall we call it a date?

One Year!

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Political Compass – January

One plan for the next year is to do a monthly try on – chart my political development and see if there’s any difference over the months…

So, here’s my first of the year!

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Well, since the world ends this year, I better get a lot done. If it’s not the last year, then I still have a lot to get done in order to prepare for the year after!

So, here are my blogging resolutions for 2012

1) During this year, I want to generate at least 1 blog per week, on average. Shouldn’t be too hard, I did over 80 in the past 9 months. However, this did include long periods of inactivity, so I’ll try for at least 3 per month, no matter what. I can pre-write for exam period etc

2) I want to collaborate with several people and blogs this year, and probably quite early on. Look for my posts with Liberal Youth, The Urban Times; Rich Oldroyd and his blog The Mouth and Trousers;  Seven Billion Voices and co-editor Edward Sainsbury; Charlie Edwards and Political Promise; Unite Society and hopefully Andy Emmerson‘s new project.

3) When I started this blog, it was little more than a hobby – almost 5,000 hits later, and I think it should take on a more serious turn next year. I think that a move to a self-hosted site, my own .com, would be a good start, and teach me more about the WordPress software.

4) Learning SEO will always help – if anyone can recommend some beginner’s guides to good SEO practice, then I’d be more than grateful.

5) A project – Monthly Political Compass tests, would help chart my own political development. Perhaps we’ll see me move ever more Liberal, or further to the Left… or even to the Right…

6) I would like to finally read The Orange Book: Reclaiming Liberalism. There are divisions within the Liberal Democrats, and I would like to get deeper into the minds of the Orange Book sect within the party.

7) I think Vloging or doing some audio-posts of some blogs, as has been previously recommended by friends, would be a good idea, and build up my skills and abilities in that field.

8) Of course, I want to work more with the University of Nottingham Liberal Democrat Society and am looking forward greatly to be duties as Nottinghamshire Representative on the Steering Committee of the East Midlands Social Liberal Forum.

Listening to more Audiobooks; using Google Calendar better; making my own Business Card… all useful.