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Something very irritating is spewing from Cameron’s mouth right now… more so than normal for Britain’s dear Prime Minister.

Today, in the wake of his disastrous actions at the #EUC

The Moment The Deal Was Done

The Moment The Deal Was Done from the Independent - Hedegaard and Natarajan, watched by US Climate Envoy Todd Stern and Chinese Climate Minister, Xie Zhenhua.

O European Council Summit and the triumphant actions of EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard in breaking down India’s opposition to a new carbon emissions limiting treaty, during the international climate conference at Durban, Cameron has been defending one and lauding the other. But if only he’d learnt how to negotiate from Hedegaard, he, and Britain, would never have been in this mess in the first place…

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Members of the Convention for the Protection o...

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Theresa May’s recent cat-astrophe at the Tory Conference (*groan*) has drawn attention to the blatant untruths regarding the Human Rights Act. So, let’s sort fact from fiction.

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Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures

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Have you ever donated blood? If so, well done, you should be very proud. You’re a lifesaver, a hero, and all the remaining clichés. Fundamentally – you did something good. You may just have saved a life.But many willing and healthy donors, are blocked from helping others. All due to one question – Are you a man who has ever had oral or anal sex with a man, with or without a condom?
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French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde (L) ...

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I adore diplomatic language. I love the insinuations, the backhanded compliment, the veiled insults… it is, I believe, what makes reading countless speeches and articles worth doing.

For this reason, I love Christine Lagarde. I love how she gently slid a shining stiletto into Chancellor George Osbourne‘s soft gut, a belly bloated by the nourishment he’s denying to so many in our society, so desperately in need.

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I have one major problem with the banning of the English Defence League march in Tower Hamlets on the 3rd of September. Its length.

It is, of course, only fair to ban ALL marches on the day, so as to be relatively impartial. Unite Against Fascism marches are also banned. No static protest is banned. We have to treat all equally. Good.

However, the Home Secretary, Theresa May, has banned all marches taking place in Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forsest, Islington and Hackney, for an entire 30-day period.

This could cause huge problems for another group – Disarm DSEi.

This is the group which protests every time DSEi is held in London – DSEi being Defence and Security Equipment International, the world’s largest arms fair. It is a group which protests against the global arms trade, particularly the selling of British weapons to countries involved in human-rights abuses…. don’t forget, Gaddafi’s Libya had many British (and French, and other) weapons in its arsenal when fighting against the rebellion.

DSEi will take place on the 13th of September in Newham. Thus, any march would fall under the same ban. Static protest is not prevented, in fairness. But DSEi should not be silenced, we must watch out for this one…