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Yes, it’s confirmed, President Barack Obama has been returned to the White House for another four years as leader of the free world, and with an impressive majority.

I’ll confess, I thought it was going to be a lot closer than it turned out to be. Lets look at why.

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Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures

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Have you ever donated blood? If so, well done, you should be very proud. You’re a lifesaver, a hero, and all the remaining clichés. Fundamentally – you did something good. You may just have saved a life.But many willing and healthy donors, are blocked from helping others. All due to one question – Are you a man who has ever had oral or anal sex with a man, with or without a condom?
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The government has reversed its position on moves to strip charities and medics of their exclusive responsibility for counselling women seeking an abortion, saying it will now advise MPs to vote against proposals from a Conservative backbencher if they are put before the Commons next week.

Apparently the huge waves of criticism of Nadine Dorries and Frank Field’s proposed amendement to the NHS reforms has forced the government to u-turn on supporting it.

Don’t forget that this may not necessarily be the end of the matter. The vote may still happen, and the vote is a free one… and there are many socially conservative MPs these days…


So, the fight against regressive politics is won… for now… what will be the next battleground?

What do you think will be the next issue to come to the fore? What do you think of the amendment? Feel free to comment below!


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There is an extremist in Parliament. There may be many, but I’m thinking of Nadine Dorries, MP for Mid Bedfordshire. I don’t like Tory MPs at the best of time but this one… I’m worried is dangerous.

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