A hopefully useful resource for my readers, on this page I’ll link to some of the most major, successful, or well-written posts of mine. I will also link to off-site journals I have written for, such as Political Promise, or The New Federalist.

Notable Spineless Liberal Posts

I was one of the first in the blogosphere to post about the emerging story – Cameron Wants to Ban Gay TV Kisses. Led to my first viral post!

Despite losing the AV referendum, I believe it was a A Good Day For Progressives. Here‘s why.

I also challenged convention by being the first lefty to condemn the killing of Osama bin Laden.

During the Arab Spring, I wrote frequently – my major work was a set of four posts based on the backstory and ‘current’ situation in each major country.

The Success Stories – Egypt and Tunisia

Yemen and Bahrain

Saudi Arabia and Syria

… and the rest.

Cameron’s Thatcherite Cronies was a post about the secret Thatcherite agenda behind today’s conservatives.

European Localism was in response to a right-winger’s post, but it’s a concept I’d love to develop further. E-mail me any feedback on the concept.

The Party Funding crisis means I Want To Give Money To The BNP…For Democracy.

I tell the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg and Lynne Featherstone Don’t Patronise Me – Or Spy On Me when proposals were released for internet surveillance.

Political Promise

The Latest Threat To Your Computer and Our Peace – on Political Promise and Spineless Liberal

British and French Armies to Merge in Historic Treaties – on Political Promise and Spineless Liberal

I’m a Lib Dem. I’m a Student. What the Hell Do I Do? – on Political Promise and Spineless Liberal

The World’s Newest Country – on Political Promise and Spineless Liberal

Libya: We’re Learning The Wrong Lessons From Iraq – on Political Promise and Spineless Liberal

Why I’m Voting Yes to AV – on Political Promise and Spineless Liberal

The New Federalist

The Normalisation of Germany

A summary piece of recent research from the European Council on Foreign Relations, based on Germany’s recent drift towards “normal” state behaviour.

On Spineless Liberal and on the original posts at TheNewFederalists website.

Eurosceptic Tories?

An unsolicited piece for The New Federalist on the Eurosceptic wing of the Conservative backbenches, and its relationship and implications for Cameron, the Coalition, and the Community. Will they reverse “ever-closer union”?

On Spineless Liberal and the original post on TheNewFederalists website.

The Libertine

Blog straight from Liberal Youth! Check it out!

Since these were written I have become Editor of the Libertine.

Britain: A Christian Country? – on The Libertine and Spineless Liberal.

Liberal Islam – on The Libertine and Spineless Liberal.

Syria: The Case Against Military Intervention – on The Libertine.

Ballots and Bullets

Blog from the University of Nottingham School of Politics and International Relations.

Coincidence, or the Power of Politicised Fiction – on Ballots & Bullets and Spineless Liberal.