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Christmas Eve, watching The Muppet Christmas Carol, my favourite Christmas film, I am reminded of parallel’s to the recent major BBC show Ian Hislop: When Bankers Were Good. While some have emphasised a need to return to Victorian Values, is this a good thing?

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BBC News – Viewpoint: Libya intervention ‘brings huge risks’.

Steve Clemons, in this article for the BBC, argues well against the institution of a no-fly zone over Libya, claiming that we should not distract from the rebels themselves, and impose a “Western” no-fly zone that would only serve to bolster Gaddafi’s rhetoric against the West’s neocolonialism.

This is entirely true. However, I don’t agree that we can’t have a no-fly zone.

I think that this article unfortunately suffers from the problem of blogging and journalism. With major events, such as the rebellion in Libya, events move so quickly, that articles and posts may be out of date and redundant within hours of publishing. In this case, it was out of date even when it was published.

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