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It’s been a few days since the results of council, Holyrood, Cardiff and Stormont elections, along with the all-important AV referendum, were revealed. The dust is settling, and it’s time to offer my take on the results.

The recent elections, despite appearances, were good for the progressive Left-wing parties in Britain. The Liberal Democrats suffered badly, and the people rejected AV, but the future may still be bright for us Spineless Liberals.

Let me explain….

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Goldie Lookin Chain – of office? | Total Politics.

I love this video. It is my new favourite song.

But seriously, apparently Rhys Trantings/Xain from GLC is planning on standing as a Labour Councillor in Newport’s elections next year.

He can win. Easily. GLC are well known for being from Newport, specifically. He can easily beat off competition, if he’s serious.

Why not Plaid though? As he says in the song at the bottom of the linked-to article, Newport, “Big up to Plaid Cymru” – if they’re supportive of Plaid, and their general values, then why not stand as a Plaid councillor – they could do with the publicity, and the seat. Frankly, he’ll probably win – even just because Newport is a very Labourite area. I’d love to see him stand as a Tory, that would be hilarious. I wonder if  people would ignore him as a rightist, or embrace him as someone from Casnewydd…

Their other song “Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind)”, a parody of Empire State of Mind, talks about the Welsh Assembly saying “Thats in Cardiff so it don’t mean shit to me.” It actually reflects a sentiment, I would say, quite prevalent in Wales – Cardiff is not Wales. It is the main city, it has the Assembly, and most of the investment… but most of the rest of the country doesn’t seem to see this cash being circulated.  I need to look into this. Maybe move the capital to Caernarfon…

On the one hand, I want to defend my party. I want to show the world that the Lib Dems and Clegg in particular don’t deserve this hatred, that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel, that this won’t hurt the poor as badly as people think.

On the other, I want every one of those MPs who breaks their pledge to suffer – especially those who now drive around in Ministerial cars. I want to blame them for trebling tuition fees in one fell swoop, instead of doing away with them altogether, a platform the LibDems have held for years, and garnered many student votes because of it.

I won’t bother fully enunciating the vitriol my student half feels. Just look at the TV, on facebook, down at your Uni’s student union…it’s everywhere. There’s no point in me blogging about it.

So instead, I’ll warn my beloved Lib Dems. The ones I have defended for years against allegations of being the useless third party, that we’d never be able to taste power, that we were irrelevant. Constantly, comedians wondering who Nick Clegg was. The news side-lining us. All in the past now.
Don’t turn your back on the students. We are the basis for victories in too many constituencies to alienate our support.

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