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Logo of the Social and Liberal Democrats

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Borgen is the hit Danish tv show, about Birgitte Nyborg, the fictional first female Prime Minister of Denmark, and leader of the centrist Moderate party. After huge gains in the recent election due to their principled stand in the leaders’ debate, they start a coalition of the progressive left.

Considering this is a situation Liberal Left would most definitely approve of… why haven’t they bothered actually watching the show?

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The Scottish Parliament Building in Holyrood, ...

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It’s been a few days since the results of council, Holyrood, Cardiff and Stormont elections, along with the all-important AV referendum, were revealed. The dust is settling, and it’s time to offer my take on the results.

The recent elections, despite appearances, were good for the progressive Left-wing parties in Britain. The Liberal Democrats suffered badly, and the people rejected AV, but the future may still be bright for us Spineless Liberals.

Let me explain….

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