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Yes, it’s that time of the year again folks, and there’s another scandal about the nature of politics hitting the front pages. This time, it’s party funding, that old egg.

Conservative Party Co-Treasurer, Peter Cruddas, has quit after allegations that he was selling “premier league”  access to the party leader, David Cameron, for the princely sum of £250,000.

It’s not like we couldn’t expect this. Back in November 2011, the Committee on Standards in Public Life warned “action should be taken now to end the big donor culture before another scandal does further damage”. Warning well heeded Cameron…

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HM Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kin...

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People have been asking me a lot recently about my opinion on the monarchy, and particularly Kate and William’s wedding. They’ve also been asking me what I’m doing on Friday…

Honestly? Nothing.

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