Recently, David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy signed a pair of treaties ensuring British and French military cooperation, perhaps for the next 50 years. It means sharing command of a Combined Joint Expeditionary Force, aircraft carriers, research and equipment. This has pretty met with vitriol in the British tabloids…but this step doesn’t limit our capabilities, it enhances them.

In order to maintain even a hint of independent military capability, ironically, we must cooperate with others. If we can, we need to take every opportunity to spread costs – cooperation over nuclear weapons research (especially if, like these, it involves no explosions and no transfer of any British, or American, secrets), joint-training policies, sharing transport planes and the like all mean that we will hopefully have more money to spend on actually training, paying and equipping soldiers, buying planes, tanks, ships and drones, and deploying our military capabilities overseas. If we even want to deploy unilaterally.

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