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It’s been a few days since the results of council, Holyrood, Cardiff and Stormont elections, along with the all-important AV referendum, were revealed. The dust is settling, and it’s time to offer my take on the results.

The recent elections, despite appearances, were good for the progressive Left-wing parties in Britain. The Liberal Democrats suffered badly, and the people rejected AV, but the future may still be bright for us Spineless Liberals.

Let me explain….

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People have been asking me a lot recently about my opinion on the monarchy, and particularly Kate and William’s wedding. They’ve also been asking me what I’m doing on Friday…

Honestly? Nothing.

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AV will finally give us the chance to eliminate tactical voting.

The Reality

An excellent graphic from Anthony Smith via Mark Thompson and Liberal Democrat Voice. Nothing more need be said.

But I’ll say it anyway – no matter how complicated the actual figures that we get in an AV election may be, they’re understandable, simple maths, and can easily be worked out, especially with use of a computer. Β It’s not complicated.

Tactical voting on the other hand, is a complication that should not be necessary in a true democracy. If we want a fair and just system, we must move away from First Past the Post.