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Saif is Safe!

Saif al-Islam, Gaddafis’s son, the International Criminal Court wanted ex-LSE student, just showed up. In a distinctly un-arrested state. At the head of an armed convoy. Visiting the hotel where foreign jounalists are.being kept. Whoops, rebels.

Interestingly, he claims Qaddafi snr is safe, well and in Tripoli.

The plot thickens.


Gaddafi, his regime and his children are all in a distinctly un-Saif position.

Apologies for the pun.

But it is true – Saif, Muhammad and Al-Saadi, Gaddafi’s three eldest sons have been captured….or is that arrested?

Now, there can be no doubt. The so called “rebels” of Libya are in a position of superiority, are the recognised government by at least 30 governments (including Egypt), and several embassies and ambassadors have defected to their side. They have becomes the legitimate power within Libya, and it is now Gaddafi who leads the underground opposition.

But where is he? As rebel forces have taken control of ~90% of Tripoli, Libya’s capital, including the central Green Square (now renamed Martyr’s Square), sightings of Gaddafi are often reported but he’s not been found yet. People have said he could be still in Tripoli, surrounded by the remains of his guards in the Bab al-Azizia compound. Or perhaps at Tajura-cardiac hospital. Or perhaps fleeing towards the Tunisian border. Who knows?