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2012: We beat them…

By them, of course, I mean the Maya. Screw you guys!

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2011 in Statporn

As the dying hours of 2011draw to a close, and I mix my last metaphor of the year, it’s time for Stat Pr0n. Enjoy.

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As we hit my 50th post here, on the Spineless Liberal, it’s time to take a look back over the past few months…

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Thank you…

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…to the 154 people who read posts here at Spineless Liberal, including 103 who read my post on David Cameron trying to ban gay kisses on TV before the watershed, as reported by the Sun. This makes yesterday the most successful day ever here at Spineless Liberal!

If you’d like to read that post, please click here.

This also means that, at sometime in the near future, I can probably do some statporn. Perhaps when I reach 1000 overall readers. In under 3 months, I don’t think that’s a weak achievement.

Thank you again, and keep reading. Feel free to subscribe by e-mail or by RSS. If you have anything you want to say, feel free to contact me, or comment on one of the blogs.