With every passing day the Liberal Democrats are dragging the Coalition further away from the Conservative manifesto – thetorydiary.

After reading this list of things that the Liberal Democrats are doing to restrain the Conservatives in government… and finally seeing proof of how annoyed the Tories are getting… I have never been more proud of being a Liberal Democrat.

This is WHY we got into government.

This is what we need to show the electorate.

This is what we need to keep on doing.

A majority Conservative government, ideologically obsessed with cutting away the welfare state (by the way – please rebrand that, Left? Talk about a toxic term…), would have been a disaster for Britain. We needed to go into coalition in order to prevent this fate. We did the right thing. I can hold my head high, take the blows, and finally know we’re doing the right thing – annoying righties.

We should all remember this – and do everything we can to remind the electorate of this – on the first day of the Liberal Democrat Conference, here in Birmingham.


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