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“It is not Tea Party people who are the “terrorists.” A terrorist seeks to destroy. Who is the real destroyer in the debt-ceiling debate? Who wants to continue spending money we don’t have, borrowing it from nations like China that would be happy to destroy us if our politicians don’t do it first? Tea Party people simply want to make their government accountable again and for this they are called “terrorists”?”

via Conservatives hit back at Democrats who liken the Tea Party to terrorists – ConservativeHome’s The Republican.

This is a quote from Cal Thomas, a pundit and commentator writing in the Washington Examiner, returning fire (yes, the violent metaphor continues) over reports that Vice President Joe Biden refered to the Tea Party wing of the Republicans as “terrorists”. This was in reference to them seemingly holding the country hostage, by refusing any compromise over the recent debt deal crisis, even if it meant the United States defaulting on her loans for the first time ever.

But terrorists do not destroy. Terrorists instil fear. In many ways, it was out of fear of the irreparable damage that could have been done to their country’s reputation by the Tea Party’s action that they relented, and accepted a hard-line right-wing debt compromise… despite being the party of the President. The Tea Partiers refused to accept any position but their own. This was a terrorist attitude to take.

I would also highly recommend his original blog post – it’s a typical diatribe of small-government fanatics, rabidly raging against any form of state, not merely that it spends.


Tea Party members do not wish to make government accountable – they want to destroy government. Much like our own Conservatives, here in the UK… but more on that later.

Politicians do not take some sort of vindictive glee in taking money from the wealthy in the form of taxes, and using it to help the poor. They do it because it is right. And now, with the Western world in economic crisis , we need it more than ever…

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Looking onto the Libyan crisis now, we have seen a constant toing and froing of the front line between the army, controlled by the embattled Muammar Gaddafi, and the rebel forces, controlled by the unrecognized National Transitional Council or NTC.

But wait! That IS one major change since the last time I posted about Libya. The NTC, or Interim National Council, or Libyan National Council, is now recognised as a/the representative of the Libyan people by 29 countries.

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As representatives of the international community assemble in Juba, the capital of the newly-independent Republic of South Sudan, Spineless Liberal takes a look at the challenges facing the world’s newest country.

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It’s well past 11pm GMT, which is when a certain preacher in the US predicted the end of the world…and I feel fine.

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A still of 2004 Osama bin Laden video

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Who will be the first lefty to condemn the killing of Osama Bin Laden? | Political Scrapbook.

Disappointed as I am not to be included on this esteemed list from Political Scrapbook, I would like to be the first ‘lefty’ to speak out against the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

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